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FORUM: Ifakara shines at 2021 national non-communicable diseases conference

Nov. 23, 2021 9:00 - 15:00
FORUM: Ifakara shines at 2021 national non-communicable diseases conference
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Eleven (11) researchers from Ifakara Health Institute and collaborating partners presented at the third national scientific conference on non-communicable diseases held in Arusha for two days from November 11-12, 2021. The multiple presenters shared their work physically, virtually and using posters.

The presenters included: Ms. Farida Hassan whose presentation had the title: “Review of Healthy food environment policies for the prevention of nutrition-related non-communicable diseases in Tanzania: Institutionalizing health food strategic plan”; Dr Ester Elisaria who discussed “Effectiveness of provision of health and nutrition education and the promotion of home gardening in stunting reduction”; and Dr. Omar Lweno whose presentation focused on “The high burden and predictors of Anemia among infants aged 6-12 months in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Others were: Dr. John William, whose presentation was addressed, “Evaluation of mechanisms to improve mobile phone surveys for non-communicable diseases surveillance in Tanzania”; Ms. Aneth Vedastus, whose work discussed on the “Dual burden of Malnutrition among HIV positive adults on Antiretroviral treatment in rural Tanzania”’ Mr. Kassim Tani whose work had the title, “From knowing Non-communicable diseases status to accessing and engaging in care: What is the role of social health protection scheme in Tanzania?”; and Mr. Charles Festo who provided an “Assessment of Ethno medical perspectives towards Maternal nutritional health and illness in Mbeya region, Tanzania.”

Other presenters at the conference were: Ms. Jackline Mrema, whose work focused on “Health and nutrition inequality in urban poor/slum population and risks of NCDs”; Mr. Elisante Abraham who presented on “Barriers and Facilitators to Health Insurance Enrollment among people working in the informal sector in Morogoro, Tanzania: Implications for improving non-communicable disease management for iCHF members”; Dr. Isaack Lyatuu who addressed his presentation, “The Invincible toll: Leading causes of mortality in resource extraction areas in Tanzania”; and Dr. Brianna Osetinsky who presented on “The Hypertension Care Cascades in Kilombero and Same Districts in Tanzania”.

Dr. Lyatuu’s - The Invincible toll: Leading causes of mortality in resource extraction areas in Tanzania – was announced the best presentation. “A big congratulations to Dr. Lyatuu for being the best presenter,” comments Dr. Sally Mtenga, Head of the Ifakara Health Systems, Impact Evaluation and Policy Department.

“We are indeed proud of you all for doing an amazing job. I received feedback from other organizers of the workshop that all presentations had great messages/big ideas, with implications for improving NCD management and prevention in the country,” she adds.

The conference is a platform that aims to bring together various health stakeholders who directly or indirectly work in combating NCDs. In Tanzania, the scientific conference is an essential component of the NCD week (held from November 6-13 this year). The week is used to highlight promotional opportunities, early identification, prevention and advocacy of NCDs in Tanzania. #