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FORUM: Ifakara Scientists share critical insights at world congress

July 8, 2023 From 8:00 hours EAT
FORUM: Ifakara Scientists share critical insights at world congress
Ifakara Health Institute scientists on the sidelines of the iHEA forum. They are [L-R] - Dr. Peter Binyaruka, John Maiba and August Kuwawenaruwa. PHOTO | IFAKARA/KMC

Three Ifakara scientists demonstrated their dedication to advancing healthcare economics research by presenting their ground-breaking research at the 15th International Health Economics Association (iHEA) World Congress, which was held from July 8 to 12, 2023 in Cape Town, South Africa.

This strong participation of seasoned researchers in the health economics sub-thematic area signifies Ifakara's commitment to finding cutting-edge solutions for not only national but global healthcare problems.

The iHEA World Congress is a prestigious one-of-a-kind event for health economists, bringing together professionals, decision-makers, and academics worldwide to share knowledge and tackle important healthcare challenges.

3 Ifakara research papers
During the forum, Dr. Peter Binyaruka, a senior health economics scientist from Ifakara presented three research papers focusing on healthcare financing in Tanzania. The studies:"1. Can Direct Financing for Public Facilities Improve the Availability of Health Products? Evidence from Tanzania," "2. Examining the Inequalities in Paying Health Facilities Directly in Tanzania: The Case of Results-Based Financing and Donor-Health Basket Funds," and "3. Tracking Equity and Efficiency of Health Financing Towards Universal Health Coverage between Regions in Tanzania," collectively address healthcare financing in Tanzania, with a specific focus on promoting equitable access to healthcare services and improving the healthcare delivery system in resource-limited settings.

Dr. August Kuwawenaruwa, another scientist from Ifakara, shared insights on how to make healthcare services available and affordable for people in Tanzania through his research papers:  "1. Financial Viability of the Improved Community Health Fund (iCHF) in Tanzania" and "2. Capitation Vs. Fee-for-Services: Lessons and Experiences to Improve the Designs for Healthcare Provision in Tanzania."

During his presentation: the third scientist, Mr. John Maiba, unpacked the importance of involving those who work in health facilities in redesigning healthcare financing and resource allocation within their health facilities. "Assessment of Strategic Healthcare Purchasing and Financial Autonomy in Tanzania: The Case of Results-Based Financing and Health Basket Fund."

Dedication to evidence-based care policies
The participation of Ifakara’s scientists at the iHEA World Congress showcases Tanzania's dedication to evidence-based healthcare policies and reflects Ifakara's commitment to finding innovative solutions for global healthcare challenges.

Their valuable findings and recommendations contribute to the growing knowledge in health economics and offer actionable insights to improve healthcare systems, not just in Tanzania but also in other countries with similar issues.