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TOUR: Swiss TPH delegation at Bagamoyo, Ifakara research sites

July 19, 2023 From 9:30 hours EAT
TOUR: Swiss TPH delegation at Bagamoyo, Ifakara research sites
A combination of photos depicting the Swiss TPH delegation tour of Ifakara Health Institute research platforms in Bagamoyo and ifakara. PHOTOS | IFAKARA/KMC

As part of their week-long (July 17-22, 2023) visit to Ifakara Health Institute, the Swiss TPH delegation traveled to two sites: Bagamoyo and Ifakara (on July 19 and 21, respectively). The two sites host the vast majority of key research infrastructure for biomedical and entomological studies.

Bagamoyo tour
While in Bagamoyo on Wednesday July 19, 2023, the team toured the Institute's facilities and research sites, which are located in Kingani area – a few kilometres outside of Bagamoyo Town.

The day-long visit was jam-packed with activities including the official opening of the new administration building and laboratory block at Kingani. The buildings’ construction was recently completed with support and funding from the Swiss government.

The high-powered entourage was led by the Swiss TPH Board member, Ms Eva Herzog, and the Swiss organization’s Director, Prof. Jürg Utzinger. Eleven other members in the team are: Mathias Kronig, Christian Lengeler, Lutz Hegemann, Katrin Hegemann Pinsker, Thomas Müller, Fabian Herzog, Valentin Herzog, Beat Jans, Tracy Glass-Jans, Zoe Jans and Mia Jans.

The platforms and sites the delegation had visited include: the Ifakara’s Training Center – which offers a master’s program in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology; and the Vector Control Product Testing Unit, where world-clase tests, assessments and validation for vector control products are done.

The delegation also had a chance to walk into and get briefed on the Transmission Zero Lab – a level three containment where studies on genetically modified mosquitoes, including evaluation of transgenic mosquitoes are done, and the Clinical Trials Facility – used for testing malaria and other vaccines.

Ifakara tour
On the last leg of their tour of Ifakara Health Institute research platforms, the Swiss TPH delegation visited the Ifakara branch which is located in Ifakara Town on Friday July 21st 2023. While there, they toured the Institute's research sites and facilities including those located at the St. Francis Hospital.

The delegation, led by the Swiss TPH Director Jürg Utzinger, was welcomed by Ifakara's Chief Executive Director, Dr. Honorati Masanja, alongside Fredrick Masanja, the Ifakara Branch Manager.

During the tour, the Swiss TPH team visited the Ifakara laboratories and witnessed the research work conducted by scientists such as trials of drugs, vaccines and diagnostics. Other sites they visited include the Vector Sphere where environmental and ecological studies are conducted.

They also toured facilities located at the St. Francis Hospital such as the Chronic Diseases Clinic of Ifakara (CDCI) which is run by Ifakara in partnership with the Swiss TPH. While at the Hospital they also toured other sites operated by Ifakara which include the hospital’s emergency room, oxygen production plant, hemodialysis section, and the Heart and Lung Clinic.

They Swiss TPH team also toured Ifakara Innovation Hub, where they were received and briefed by Masoud Mnonji, the Hub's Director, Rachel Magodi, the Hub's Community Engagement Officer, and Adella Salum the Hub's Fabrication Lab Coordinator. They explained to the delegation how the Hub expands the innovation ecosystem to rural Tanzania through research and development and exploitation of technological innovation that is compatible with the existing social, economic and administrative systems.

Lastly, the delegation toured the Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health (TTCIH). The centre is a health training institution that supports the Tanzanian government’s national health reform policy for strengthening human resource development, through providing quality health training, facilities and services.

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