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MTAFITI: Ifakara news & events round-up for July 2022 is OUT!

Aug. 3, 2022
MTAFITI: Ifakara news & events round-up for July 2022 is OUT!
A snip from the round-up. GRAPHIC |IFAKARA/Coms

The monthly news and events round-up of Ifakara Health Institute covering the month of July 2022 is already out. The main theme of the current edition is on the quest for zero malaria in Africa. The editor's choice top story denotes "why the China model can do" - that's justifying why the model should be used to eliminate malaria in Africa.

The full report is on an interdisciplinary group of scientists from Africa, America, Europe and Asia who say "the practices from China’s malaria control and elimination efforts could be leveraged to fast-track malaria elimination efforts in Africa”

And the readers' top story - the top read story for July in both the Ifakara website and social media channels - reports that scientists have recommended programs that will effectively control and eliminate malnutrition, anaemia and micronutrient deficiencies among schoolchildren in Tanzania.

The round-up summarizes other reports, news, events, new projects and publications. Also, there's is a nice video to watch. The subject is home gardening.

The round-up can be accessed online here: Mtafiti - Ifakara News & Events Round-Up for July 2022.