Dr Margaret Chan, Director General WHO, visiting IHI in 2009

Director's Welcome

Welcome to our website. We hope that this will showcase the work of Ifakara Health Institute, make information much more accessible, and keep our partners and collaborators abreast of developments. The front page of our site includes rolling Announcements and Featured content. You can subscribe to the site to be alerted to updates.

As an integral part of the website, the institute has built two exciting new online services. First, the new Digital Library is dedicated to health-related materials. This will include journal articles, reports, presentations, research theses and other useful reference material. We invite any interested party to contribute to the archive so that it becomes a collective reference resource. 

Another online service is the IHI Data Portal, through which up-to-date results can be accessed for the Health and Demographic Surveillance Sites (HDSS), the Sentinel Panel of Districts (SPD) and the Clinical Surveillance System (CSS). IHI is committed to help translate research into knowledge and practice. We hope that this website goes some way towards this ambition and - with your feedback - will strive to improve it.